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Logo Agromonte

Ready to Serve Cherry Tomato Sauce

Agromonte is an Italian family business based in Sicily.
Having started as a Cherry Tomato producer, soon Agromonte decided to dedicated  to the production of ready-to-serve Cherry Tomato sauces.
Through the use of superior quality raw materials and respect for local traditions, Agromonte products offer the flavors of true Italian food.
A range of ready-to-serve products that will make the consumer's day-to-day life easier, without ever compromising on taste and quality.
Here are some examples:
- Sauces for Pasta: Arrabiatta | Norm | Ricotta | Roasted Garlic | Putanesca
- Original Cherry Tomato Sauce | Cherry Tomato and Basil Sauce
- Pestos: Basil | Sicilian
- Sauce for bruschetta

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